Expert Day 2021 Agenda

Event Dates: October 18-22, 2021

Time: 10am – 12pm

Venue: Virutal Event – Microsoft Teams

Registration Fee: $299 per participant (30% MCA member discount)

Organized by: Glaeser Inc. / JOMESA North America

Expert Day 2021 will focus on topics of cleanliness inspection according to ISO 16232 as well as new requirements from the growing electronics and autonomous driving component industry.

DateDiscussion TopicPresenters
Oct. 18ISO 16232 Standard AnalysisMarkus Rossler – Glaeser
Peter Feamster – JOMESA
Oct. 19Common Inspection ChallengesMatt Gilmore – Manufacturing Cleaning Association
Markus Rossler – Glaeser
Peter Feamster – JOMESA
Thomas Rosemann – Brose Wuerzburg
Oct. 20Environmental CleanlinessMarkus Rossler – Glaeser
Michael Klepzig – Continental Ingolstadt
Oct. 21Inspection for Electronics/ADASDarren Williams – SHSU/Cleaning Research Group
Mike Konrad – Aqueous Technologies
Andre Lohse – Sita Messtechnik GmbH
Oct. 22Escalation Strategies; Root Cause AnalysisPeter Feamster – JOMESA
Christian Tichopad – Glaeser GmbH
Gerhard Koblenzer – LPW Renigungssysteme GmbH

Expert Day 2021 Presenters

Markus Rossler

Glaeser USA, Vice President

Twinsburg, OH USA

Markus Rossler is a Technical Cleanliness Specialist and Vice President of Glaeser Inc. located in Twinsburg, OH, with responsibility North America. Since taking over the branch in 2015, he has relocated the company from Alabama up north and extended its established scope of lab services by offering consultancy, training, and aiding in CleanLab set-ups across the country. Despite being born and raised in Germany, Markus has spent most of his professional life outside of his native country. With over thirty years of experience in developing sales, services and managing corporations, his passion for traveling has led to a career of growing companies in Asia, Europe, and now, North America. In his free time, Markus enjoys expressing his creativity through woodworking, travelling and spending time with his family.”

Peter Feamster

JOMESA North America, Product Manager

Troy, MI USA

Peter Feamster is the Product Manager for JOMESA North America in Troy, MI. He is responsible for sales and marketing as well as involvement in new product development. His favorite part of the job is educating clients on new technology and learning from clients about their manufacturing process. Peter is also the 2nd Vice President of the Manufacturing Cleaning Association. He began his career in the manufacturing cleanliness industry in 2011, working as a Lab Technician and Project Coordinator for a global industrial cleaning machine manufacturer. Outside of the office, Peter spends his time with his wife and dog going on walks, cheering on the Red Wings and MSU Spartans, cooking meals, and all things outdoors.

Darren L. Williams, Ph.D.

Cleaning Research Group, SHSU

Huntsville, TX USA

Dr. Williams has been at SHSU since 2004 teaching Physical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, and Thermodynamics. He received his Ph.D. from Oregon State University and B.S. in chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. He is originally from Fort Worth, TX.

Dr. Williams is the author of over two dozen research articles and a book chapters covering a broad range of topics, such as computational chemistry methods for modeling molecular spectra, prediction of the spectral signatures of aged explosives, solvent substitution studies to reduce environmental impacts, contact angle methods for cleanliness verification, computational techniques for visible color prediction, and chemical education improvements in Physical Chemistry.

Christian Tichopad

Glaeser GmbH, Product Manager

Horb, Germany

Christian works as Product Manager at Gläser GmbH in Germany. He is intersecting between the technical department, the laboratory, sales and customers. He is involved in developing new particle extraction technologies and
finding new applications for checking technical cleanliness for customers from different industries. Christian enjoys
mountain biking in the black forest, sport climbing and exotic food.

Mike Konrad

Aqueous Technologies, Founder and President

Los Angeles, California USA

Mike Konrad, Founder and President of Aqueous Technologies, began his career in the electronic assembly equipment industry in 1985. Mike founded Aqueous Technologies in 1992 in response to the Montreal Protocol and the resulting international treaty banning most popular cleaning/defluxing solvents. Mike is an internationally known speaker on the subject of increasing reliability through contamination removal and cleanliness quantification techniques and procedures. Mike was awarded “Distinguish Speaker Status” with SMTA in 2018 and received the “Rich Freiberger Best of Conference Award” in 2019. Mike was elected to the SMTA Global Board of Directors where he chairs the SMTA Training Committee and is also a member of the SMTA Strategic Development Committee. Mike is also Vice President of Technical Programs for the Los Angeles / Orange County SMTA Chapter. Mike is the host of the popular Reliability Matters and Concept to Creation Podcasts.

Gerhard Koblenzer

LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH

Riederich, Germany

Gerhard Koblenzer, born in 1967, married, 2 children and lives in Nürtingen.
He was an officer in the German Armed Forces until 2000 and completed his studies in economics and organizational sciences at the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich in 1995. He is the managing partner of LPW and has been with the company for around 21 years. In the last 13 years he has developed the company from an automotive supplier to a specialist for the highest requirements in the field of high purity cleaning. In addition, Gerhard Koblenzer was a founding member of the competence network CEC and its board member until 2015. He is currently on the board of the German cleaning technology association “FiT” and also heads the “Process and Plant Technology” committee.

Matt Gilmore

Manufacturing Cleaning Association, President

Hudson, OH USA

Matt Gilmore is the Director of Membership and Business Development with Gardner Manufacturing Association Solutions (GMAS) and the Executive Director of the newly formed Manufacturing Cleaning Association (MCA). Matt has over ten years of experience in association management and strategic development focusing on such areas as membership growth, sponsorship engagement and program development and government affairs mostly with manufacturing trades associations. In his off hours, Matt spends most of his time trying to make his sons better soccer players.     

Thomas Rosemann

Manager – Material Laboratory / Plant Wurzburg

Wurzburg, Germany

Thomas Rosemann studied material science at the university of Bayreuth (Germany) and has started his career in 2006 as a material engineer in the central materials laboratory of the Brose group. In 2009 he became a team leader for the group of metals, coatings and material’s restrictions.

In 2013 he moved to the Brose plant in Würzburg, where he became manager of the materials laboratory of the business division drives.

There he set up the central cleanliness laboratory of the Brose group, implemented processes for cleanliness and established a group standard for technical cleanliness based on VDA19.1 and ISO 16323. Furthermore, Thomas Rosemann is a trainer for technical cleanliness worldwide (internal) and audits all cleanliness labs in the Brose group

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